Monday, July 26, 2010

Dunfermline Public Library

The Dunfermline Public Library was built in 1883. The library was a success when it first opened, and it included a museum and a ladies reading room. Their lending includes a mixture of old and new materials. The teenage section is very popular, and was moved into the regular stacks. Computer classes for the elderly are available in the library. Participants learn how to send emails and learn other basic computer skills. The classes are done throughout Fife. The collections include Chinese and Polish, as well as an exhibition about Fife. Dunfermline is a branch library. The Abbey Room used to be the Music Library and the YA room. Unfortunately, every Music Library in Fife was stopped last year. Dunfermline has plans to build a new museum next to the library. There are 28 staff members based in Dunfermline. They provide staff for other branches when needed.

There are several unique departments within the Dunfermline Public Library. The Children's Library opened in the 1930s and it now participates in school visits. The Local History Department includes a dedicated staff, as well as books, maps, and slides. The Special/Rare Collections holds many things, including the Dunfermline Press. The collection dates back to the 1850s. Locals have donated items for the public. The items in the special collection are not for loan, binding is send to outside sources, and the stacks are climate controlled. The library doesn't offer much work to do for conservation. However, the efforts made include using acid free paper and boxes for the materials. The Murison Burns Collection consists of collected Burns books and busts. The collection is still growing. The International Geneological Index (IGI) is dated pre 1865, contains the Parish index from mostly Fife, and is located near the special collections. The Reference section is open access and includes photocopies and books.

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